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Settlement Deadline: 11/13/2017
See If You Qualify for This Credit Reporting Agency Bankruptcy Discharge Settlement! A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit alleging Equifax Information Services LLC, Experian Information Solutions Inc. and Transunion LLC violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act and various state laws by failing to take reasonable steps to ensure accuracy in reporting debts discharged in bankruptcy.

Settlement Deadline: 09/25/2017
Are You a New York Homeowner Who Paid Off Your Chase Home Loan? You could claim up to $750! New York State homeowners who have paid off their mortgages may be entitled to benefits under the terms of a recent Chase class action settlement.

Settlement Deadline: 10/16/2017
Did You Purchase Rust-Oleum 2X Spray Paint? You could claim up to $20! A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit alleging Rust-Oleum Corporation improperly labeled its Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint products as having twice the coverage of competing brands.

Settlement Deadline: 05/28/2018
If your child made in-app purchases without your permission then you might be eligible for an Amazon refund. The Federal Trade Commission has announced that Amazon Inc. will be refunding money to customers whose children made unauthorized in-app purchases on “free” games. The FTC filed the Amazon lawsuit three years ago over concerns that Amazon had charged parents millions of dollars for unauthorized in-app purchases made by...

Settlement Deadline: 11/06/2017
Did You Purchase a Honeywell TrueSTEAM Humidifier? Claim Up to $40! Owners of a TrueSTEAM Humidifier made by Honeywell may qualify for a cash payment or a new humidifier under the terms of a class action settlement. The lawsuit alleges that Honeywell’s TrueSTEAM Humidifiers have a defect that causes them to leak scalding hot water. Leach says he had to lay out towels near his own TrueSTEAM Humidifier to prevent it from causing water...

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