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Settlement Deadline: 11/07/2017
If You Were Charged Overdraft Fees by National Penn Bank, You May Qualify For This $975K Settlement. National Penn Bank has agreed to pay $975,000 to settle allegations that it improperly applied overdraft fees to customer accounts. The allegations were brought by plaintiff Jennifer Collier in an overdraft fees class action lawsuit filed in June 2012. Collier alleges that defendant National Penn charged overdraft fees on debit transactions...

Settlement Deadline: 11/27/2017
Did You Purchase Generic Baby Wipes That Were Recalled? Claim Up to $8K! A $650,000 settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit alleging certain baby wipes manufactured by Nutek Disposables Inc. were contaminated with a type of bacteria that caused some users to suffer skin infections and other symptoms.

Settlement Deadline: 12/14/2017
See If You Qualify for This $8M CITGO Unwanted Text Messages Settlement! CITGO Petroleum Corporation Inc. has agreed pay more than $8 million to settle a class action lawsuit alleging it violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending text messages to cell phones without the recipients’ prior express written consent.

Settlement Deadline: 01/15/2018
Are You an Uber Customer? Claim Your Share of $32.5M! A $32.5 million Uber safe ride fees class action settlement will benefit riders who paid fares that included a fee to cover driver background checks.

Settlement Deadline: 10/23/2017
Did You Purchase Honest Company Products? Claim Up to $25 or More! Purchasers of many products from The Honest Company may have a rebate coming to them if they file a claim under a recent class action settlement. This settlement is the result of multiple class action lawsuits filed by nine different plaintiffs over the labeling on household and personal care products marketed by defendant The Honest Company.

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